Associate Therapist

FUNCTION: Under the oversight of the Director of Counseling Services, and within the scope of the
agency’s goals and objectives, the Associate Therapist is responsible for the provision of culturally
responsive therapeutic services to House of Ruth clients seeking mental health services.

1. Provide intake and assessment for client’s participating in the Counseling Program.
2. Secure signed releases and informed consent forms.
3. Provide direct therapy and services to children and/or adults who have been abused and neglected
and/or exposed to violence in their homes, schools or community.
4. Administer standard psychological tests such as the CBCL in order to assess, diagnose and develop a
treatment plan.
5. Assess clients for ongoing treatment progress and effectiveness, and revise treatment plan
6. Provide accurate and timely documentation of therapeutic services, including ongoing treatment
notes, intake and assessment forms, treatment plan and termination summaries.
7. Consult with colleagues, co-workers and other professionals when appropriate.
8. Be familiar with and utilize the Standards of Care Task Force Guidelines for working with child crime
9. Actively participate in clinical supervision.
10. Initiate and develop relationships with collateral agencies who make referrals to the program and
who accept referrals from the program.
11. Participate in all agency meetings as appropriate: program meetings, weekly and monthly staff
meetings, case management meetings.
12. Demonstrate ability to be an effective team member by communicating openly, co-operating with
other staff, demonstrating positive attitudes and working together to solve problems.
13. Communicate professionally and appropriately with staff and the public by observing confidentiality,
staying focused on job tasks and demonstrating active listening skills.
14. Demonstrate ability to work effectively under supervision by being open to feedback, reporting on
activities as directed, staying within the job description and following through on suggestions.
15. Other duties related to cooperation of the Counseling Program.

Required Qualifications and Skill Sets:
• BBS Registered AMFT, APCC, MSW (Required)
• Bilingual in Spanish (Preferred)
• A thorough understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence and trauma.
• The ability to provide clinical interventions to trauma survivors.
• Command of multiple treatment modalities to intervene with children, adults, and families.
• Experience working under the supervision of a licensed mental health professional with
specialized training in the treatment of trauma survivors.
• Access to supervision or peer review.
• Familiarity with the applicable business and ethics codes.
• Understand the concepts of professional boundaries and dual relationships.
• Ability to limit practice to the scope of their ability and expertise.
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

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