Finance Director

POSITION: Finance Director, Salary Status: Exempt

FUNCTION: The Director of Finance is responsible for the financial health of the organization. By combining strategic and operational goals, the Director of Finance manages the accounting and economic aspects of the company by enforcing a financial strategy aimed toward profitable long-term growth. Additional duties include overseeing the finance department, conducting financial assessments, generating reports, establishing company budgets, managing the annual audit, maintaining the financial accounting system, and conducting risk assessments on business initiatives.

EXPERIENCE: Nonprofit Financial Management experience and Government Grant/Compliance experience required. Desirable experience in the selection and implementation of an accounting system.

PRINCIPLE RESPONSIBILITIES: Manage the financial resources of the agency including accounting, finance, organization-wide budgets, and treasury in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and organization/contract policies and procedures; safeguard assets through the maintenance of proper control, and coordinate accurate and timely agency financial reporting to the Board Finance Committee and Executive Board.

SUPERVISION: Staff Accountant – with direction and supervision, responsible for the agency accounting functions, payroll, and audit preparation.
Grants and Compliance Manager – with direction and supervision, responsible for government grant writing, fiscal and programmatic compliance, management and reporting.

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