Junior Case Manager

POSITION: Junior Case Manager


FUNCTION: Under the direction of the Residential Services Director, and within the scope of the agency’s goals and objectives, the Advocate at the residential facility is responsible for providing appropriate services to program participants.

HOURS: 37.5 hours per week, Sunday-Thursday, 2pm-10pm


  1. Provide direct client services, including development of individual contracts, crisis counseling, weekly goal setting, progress updates, advocacy, information and referral.
  2. Plan and coordinate women’s and children’s program activities including workshops, guest speakers and house meetings.
  3. Participate in weekly case management meetings with Shelter Director.
  4. Maintain accurate records, including documentation of all services provided, monthly program reports on activities, upkeep of client files, and tracking information.
  5. Assist with recruitment of applicants for the program; participate in screening and selection process.
  6. Supervise the daily operations, health, safety, repair and maintenance of the facility, including weekly house checks.
  7. Assist with the development of a warm and positive environment that promotes client well-being.
  8. Monitor household supplies and donation to assure that the facility runs smoothly and that client needs are met.
  9. Assist with the development of written procedures, forms, etc. necessary to the operation of the program.
  10. Attend all meetings as required.
  11. Demonstrate ability to be an effective team member by communicating openly and honestly, co-operating with other staff, demonstrating positive attitudes and working together to solve problems.
  12. Communicate professionally and appropriately with staff and the public by observing confidentiality, staying focused on job tasks and demonstrating active listening skills.
  13. Demonstrate ability to work effectively under supervision by being open to feedback, reporting on activities as directed, staying within the job description, following through on suggestions, and addressing any problems or concerns you may have with your supervisor.
  14. Other duties as assigned which may include but is not limited to: additional program activities, heavy cleaning, lifting, and organizing supplies.
  15. Participating in shift change procedures by sharing and discussing with appropriate co-workers any client issues, information, concerns which need to be passed on before ending your shift.


Experienced with case management. Strong organizational skills. Experience working with battered women and their children. Some experience working with women and children in a group living program and a multicultural setting. Experience with conflict resolution and mediation helpful. Ability to work independently and make responsible decisions while maintaining effective working relationships. Ability to develop programmatic activities for women and children. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Bilingual Spanish preferred. Current California Driver’s License, reliable transportation and up to date insurance required.

Please send resume and cover letter to: kmason@houseofruthinc.org


To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other applicable laws insuring equal employment opportunities to qualified individuals with a disability, reasonable accommodations are made for the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified individual with a disability unless an undue hardship, direct threat to health and safety or other job-related consideration exists. Applicants or employees who require accommodation to perform the essential functions of the job should contact the Executive Director to request such an accommodation. The accommodation she/he is requesting or needs to perform the job should be specified. The request will be discussed, and if necessary, we will investigate barriers that make it difficult for the applicant or employee to have an equal opportunity to perform her/his job. Necessary accommodations will be made unless precluded by an undue hardship or other permissible considerations. AA/EOE.