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Volunteer Application Deadline

The deadline for applications to participate in the Winter Session of our 40-Hour DV Advocate Training session has passed. Please stay tuned for information on our Summer Session. If you have any questions, contact Ashley Solis at

Teen Dating Awareness Month is Here!

Dear Friends,

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM), a national endeavor to raise awareness about dating abuse in teen and young adult relationships. TDVAM is also a time to promote education programs that teach about healthy relationships and teach the warning signs of an abusive partner.

Dating violence is more widespread than many folks think. 1 in 3 teens will be a victim of physical, emotional, verbal, cyber, or sexual abuse before they reach adulthood from a boyfriend or girlfriend. Teens in abusive relationships feel isolated, unsafe, and may be distracted from focusing on their schoolwork and personal responsibilities. According to California’s Partnership to End Domestic Violence (CPEDV), recent studies show that nearly half of students who experience dating violence reported that some of the abuse took place on school grounds. This has become an epidemic. It is all of our responsibility to educate and support young people about how to be in a healthy relationship.

At House of Ruth, staff and volunteers from our Prevention and Community Education Program work daily with local teens, young adults, parents, and administrators to prevent dating violence. For teens and young adults, we use a curriculum that is tailored for them, covering topics such as gender roles, media literacy, consent, setting and respecting boundaries, self-esteem, healthy communication, coping with anger, healthy relationships, teen dating violence, and domestic violence. Each presentation is focused on developing an understanding of the risk factors that could potentially lead to abusive relationships.

When it comes to understanding domestic violence, a well-informed younger population will greatly mitigate their chances of becoming either a victim or victimizer in an intimate relationship. We want to stop dating and domestic violence before it even starts.

Please support us this month as we spread this awareness during TDVAM!

Sue Aebischer