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The Magic of Monte Carlo Benefit Gala

Saturday, October 11th
The Avalon Ballroom at the Fairplex

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Craft Beer for A Cause

Wednesday, September 5th
Dale Bros. Brewery in Upland

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Support House of Ruth in Allstate's Purple Purse Challenge By Donating Today!

The Purple Purse Challenge is here! And we need your help! House of Ruth has been chosen to participate in The Purple Purse Challenge, sponsored by the Allstate Foundation, competing against 150 domestic violence agencies nationwide to raise the most money in 4 weeks!

Why the Purple Purse? The primary reason domestic violence survivors stay in an abusive relationship is they don’t have the financial resources to break free. The purple purse is symbolic because purple is the color of domestic violence and the purse represents a woman’s financial domain. The Purple Purse Challenge is here to raise awareness about domestic violence and financial abuse!

So here’s how you can help! You can either donate OR start your own fundraiser for the House of Ruth Team, by clicking on the link below. It’s really easy. Think about it, if YOU have 10 friends that would donate $10 or more, that’s a quick $100 from your fundraiser. If House of Ruth can get 1,000 friends to raise $100 WE WILL HIT OUR GOAL of raising $100,000 in 4 weeks! If we win first place, the Allstate Foundation will award us a $100,000 prize!! That could mean $200,000 for our agency!

This Challenge BEGINS 9/2 and ends 10/3! That's only 4 weeks! So let's get busy!! Mark your calendars for 9/2 and let’s start off with a bang! Start your own fundraising page. Personalize it with your own reasons why House of Ruth is important to you. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your community. I know we can do this! What can YOU do?

Here is the Purple Purse Challenge webpage:


From the Executive Director

Sue Aebischer, Executive Director

Sue Aebischer, Executive Director

We have known for a long time that domestic violence can affect anyone; it occurs in families from all ethnic backgrounds, from all socio economic groups and from all faiths. No one is immune.

Will this ever change? I believe so. As individuals we need to make it known that violence against women is not acceptable. Women in abusive relationships need support. How people respond to women in these situations is critical. By and large, women do not initially go to police or social services – they talk to friends and family. And if they do not get a response, it sets them back. So everybody can take responsibility for making a positive difference in the lives of women and children in need. If you are ever faced with someone who needs support, you can play a major role by telling a friend or family member in need of our services about us. Support the work of House of Ruth with your time, resources and talent.

One of my favorite quotes is by Anne Frank. She said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world”.
Together, we can make a huge difference in the lives of others and in our communities. Partner with us as we agree to positively change the lives of women and children- one family at a time.

With warm regards,
Sue Aebischer
Executive Director